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Why Cristini Athletics Works and Commercial Gyms Don`t

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Have you experienced this before?  It’s New Years, the summer is approaching or you see some sort of crazy deal on an ad and you decide to join a gym for the fifth time hoping that this time it’s going to work? We really don’t want to burst that hopeful bubble of yours!   However, the reality is, that it will if you plan on approaching fitness the same way. Signing up to a gym for around $80+ dollars a month with a facility that has the nicest equipment and all the amenities seems motivating right? The problem is you have no clue where to start and you don’t want to look like you’re a newbie so you don’t want to ask people around you how to do something. Having proper equipment is only one of the tools needed for you to be successful.




Having a support system plays a major role in your future success. Surrounding yourself with others that are  goal driven and people who genuinely care about you reaching your true potential is extremely important. No matter if your goal is to lose 50lbs or gain muscle, having an atmosphere that feels like home is imperative to you and your continuing healthy lifestyle. A place where you want to be instead of where you have to be, directly impacts your decision to be fully committed to your program. If you lack commitment you will end up coasting along unmotivated and not challenged , where most people end up being after a couple of months into their training.


Train with a Purpose

Its common for new gym members to think that showing up 3 times a week and having a good sweat is good enough. You’re actually wrong! Going from little activity to regular exercising definitely has great benefits, but the problem is that you will eventually plateau. Chances are you don’t have the background knowledge to change your program based on the goals you want to attain. The problem with plateauing  is you will most likely lose motivation and end up quitting. This is the kind of cycle we DO NOT want you to get in to.  We program every single workout and can quantify how and why you will improve in an allotted period of time. We expect you to know nothing with regards to programming, all we ask is you track your daily results and do exactly what we program for you. If you are failing to follow a program you are programmed to fail.


Proper Technique

Do you know how to workout? Unless you have had a trainer, it is likely you are doing the movements wrong or not getting the most out of the movement.  We teach every single class as if it’s everyone’s first day. This allows us to keep an eye on each individual and make necessary adjustments based on fitness background, flexibility, coordination and strength. We are highly capable to teach complex movements everytime you walk in the door, and by using barbells, dumbbells etc, it allows us to limit the amount of machines we need at our gym. Although machines can be beneficial,  we chose to focus on what will give the client the best bang for their buck. Machines are easy to use and don’t need much learning but the downfall is that it won’t get you fitter, faster, or stronger when compared to the more complex lifts that don’t require machines.

If you want a positive family-like-environment where you are training to achieve specific personal goals and learning movements that will keep you motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Cristini Athletics is for you. Whether you have concerns about your nutrition or you just out of surgery and need a program to help you get back into shape, at Cristini Athletics we genuinely care for your well being and can work around your limitations. You are not just a dollar sign to us. We build relationships and those relationships mean a lot to us going forward.

Your fitness facility should be a place that offers constant physical and mental growth. A place where personal development continues to occur throughout the lifetime of your fitness journey.