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We love hearing about our members’ milestones. Their happiness fuels us and motivates our team to be better. One day, we hope to be a part of your success story!
  • Crystal Tait

    RCFEW has been a lifestyle change for me. For the first time in my life, fitness has become more like a hobby and a love than just a need to lose weight. It’s all because of the amazing community at RCFEW. The atmosphere of this place is so motivating and welcoming. The coaches are all very knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate. You could be brand new to working out and you’ll be cheered on by the whole class! Absolutely the best decision ever!

  • Vanessa Barbieri-Priolo

    Well this isn’t a story about how CrossFit helped me shed a ton of weight – it is all about what CrossFit has helped me Gain. When I walked into RCF Woodbridge in January 2015, it was with what I thought was 1.5 years of CrossFit training from another gym. WAS I WRONG. After only a few classes I realized how much of my technique/form needed to be corrected, all the bad habits I needed to stop, and the list of things still to learn. While frustration kicked into high gear combined with regret for how much time I had spent at the previous gym – I realized this was my opportunity at a fresh start. If all the coaches at RCFEW were willing to put in the time, effort and energy to help me improve then I was just as willing to put in the extra time and dedication into my training.

    And now two years later it is a very different picture. While my list of things to fix and learn is still a mile long, I have gained a new sense of confidence. I have reached “big girl” numbers in my lifts, I have improved in my gymnastic skills, I have completed on a team where all my team-members were several years younger (15+ years to be exact), and most recently finished top 50 in the OPEN for the Canada East Masters division.  At 38 I am in the best shape of my life. I am a better and stronger version of ME, so that I can be a better and stronger role model for my two girls #likemotherlikedaughter …. CrossFit at RCFEW has changed me in many ways …. and all for the better

  • Richard Smith

    After many years of looking for a solid workout facility that provided personal attention with a class schedule, I found one here. Each coach works with each individual in each class. They make recommendations, provide feedback, offer support and modifications, and even seem to have fun while doing it. You can work out individually or in a class setting and get the same attention. You don’t need fancy equipment, glamorous change rooms or catchy logos. You just need a place to workout and someone to help achieve results and a committed desire to reach a goal. CrossFit East Woodbridge is this facility. This is the place. You are the only thing holding you back.

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