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Reebok CrossFit East Woodbridge June Member of the Month Doriana Parkin!

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Name ( nicknames): Doriana (Dor)


Family Physician in Woodbridge

How were you introduced to Cross Fit & How long have you been doing CrossFit?  

About 4 years ago, I was at the Thompson with some friends, including Nancy Sabat and Lisa Galifi.  We ran into two gorgeous, ripped, jacked women (you may know them…Becky and Crystal:)  I had no idea who they were but we were in awe of how fantastic they looked. They told us that they do this “thing”called Crossfit.  So Nancy and I decided to do a trial class.  We walked into RCFEW for a Saturday morning class and I remember seeing the rings and nothing else. I was petrified. There were no ellipticals or treadmills or dumbbells.  Did that class and couldn’t walk or climb stairs for 4 days…what wasn’t there to love?

What made you decide to join RCFEW?

Besides the fact that Nancy joined, I remember really enjoying the positive and inclusive atmosphere in the gym.  People were friendly and encouraging, and I hadn’t had such an amazing, full body workout in a long time.

Favourite Lifts/ Wods?

Power cleans, any type of squat, Annie.  I’m starting to really like the gymnastics movements but these require more work/pratice for me.

3 Things you would definitely find in my fridge…

Lots of fresh vegetables, greek yogurt, dark chocolate (well, in my pantry..)

Favourite Place to Eat: 

L’Unita (Avenue and Davenport); owned by an elementary school friend of mine…best cannoli in Toronto!

Proudest Accomplishments:

Obviously, getting into and completing medical school was a huge accomplishment for me.  It really was a true test of perseverance.

I don’t know if having children is an “accomplishment” per se, but my 3 kiddos are the most amazing blessings of my life.

And from a crossfit perspective, getting my first kipping pull up late last year was a HUGE accomplishment. I really thought I may never be able to do one, and when I did I was SO. FRIGGIN. HAPPY!

Something People Wouldn’t Know About Me:

I really like rap and and hip hop. The more badass, the better.

Biggest Struggle In Life? 

There’s been a few of course, but I think one of them has been dealing with a certain level of hypochondriasis.  As a physician, it’s easy to think of the worst case scenario, especially when it comes to myself or family members.  But I think that the longer I’ve worked, the more I’ve learned to put things in perspective.  Thinking rationally is always a work in progress in my profession.  

Do you have a Mentor, or Someone you look up to? If so Who?

My grandfather has always been my mentor.  He came to Canada with his young family, learned to speak English, went to George Brown College and worked for the TTC for 35 years. He encouraged my sister and I to pursue our academics and completely supported us attending out-of-town universities (pretty liberal for that generation).  He always exemplified a strong work ethic.  At 92 years old, he’s still one of the smartest people I know.

Who Inspires You?

My kids for sure. I do/try new things now, that I wouldn’t if I didn’t have them.  I want to show them to be brave and to step out of their comfort zone, even if it means things don’t always work out the way you want them to.

What music I like listening to while working out:

See above..Rap and hip hop.  The more badass, the better. LOL

Top 40, and a little G’n’R and Metallica feeds the soul sometimes…

Anything Else you Would Like to Say (Open Comments):

Well…..I TRULY must say that this gym has CHANGED. MY. LIFE.  I’ve done things at 40, that I couldn’t do in my 20’s.  I’ve gained self-confidence, I constantly have new goals, and I am ALWAYS having fun.  The coaches at RCFEW are knowledgeable and invested in our success and it’s evident in their teaching.  And most importantly, I’ve made friends here that I absolutely adore and I feel so blessed to have them!!!  So thank you Cristini Athletics!!!  Now….let’s see if I can get this handstand thing by the time I turn 41?