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Reebok CrossFit East Woodbridge April Member of the Month Vanessa!

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Name ( nicknames):
Vanessa BP (Nickname: Nessa, Essa, more recently #teamblessed ?)
​Key Account Director with Intercontinental Hotels Group​
How were you introduced to Cross Fit & How long have you been doing CrossFit?
​My first experience with Crossfit was through a Groupon with a gym that thankfully is no longer opened. I’ve been doing CrossFit for just over 4 years ​
What made you decide to join RCFEW?
I loved Crossfit – but realized the gym that I was at was horrible, and not a good place to be. So I ventured out to look for a new place and came across RCFEW. The moment I walked in the door and completed my first class I knew I found the right place.
Favourite Lifts/ Wods?
​Favourite lift – Cleans and Thrusters

​Favourite WOD – I love all Wod’s …… unless it involves running, burpees and snatches
3 Things you would definitely find in my fridge
2.Almond Milk
3.Almond Butter ​
Favourite place to eat
​At home … with so many food allergies, its easier at Casa Vanessa​
Proudest Accomplishments:
​Becoming a mom x2. My girls are my world​
Something people wouldn’t know about me:
I’m really a shy, quiet person (despite the chirping at the gym). And

I still get nervous before most workouts

Who inspires you?
​My Family. Despite the sudden passing of my dad a few years ago and many other family situations, we are closer then ever and are always there for one another

What music I like listening to while working out:

​Almost anything … no rap or hard rock! ​
Anything else you would like to say (Open Comments)
​The last three years at RCFEW have been amazing. From the incredible Coaching to the members who are like family, I am truly blessed to be a part of this community