Our Classes

Our Classes

Between our two facilities, we offer programs that fit the needs of professional athletes and novices alike. We offer traditional CrossFit classes as well as LiteFIT classes and Personal Training. There are also specialty courses for competitors who need help during in and off-season. Plus, we have Powerlifting and Weightlifting clubs, and a Teen Program. Feel free to check out our roster of programs. We’re sure you’ll find one that works for you.
  • Virtual Training

    We are proud to offer the best quality in virtual training.
    We offer online Fitness classe and online Personal Training sessions.
    HOME WOD LIVE 60 minute workout with no weights required! Monday- Friday 9:00-10:00am and 5:00-6:00pm Saturday 8:00am-9:00am and 11:30-12:30pm.
    6:00am classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
    FITKIDS @ Home 
    This is a 30min Kids fitness class coached by Coach Oscar Tristan. Designed for kids 4-8 years old.
    LIFE STYLE LIVE Monday-Friday Every day at 12:00pm Including different topics each day, including mental health, nutrition and self development, How to be a Fit parent and more.
    DUMBBELL WOD Monday-Friday 3:30-4:00pm
    Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7:00-7:30pm
    This is a 30 minute weights focused workout.
    MOBILITY CLASS LIVE Monday-Friday 1:30-2:00pm. Sunday 10:00-11:00am

    Join our virtual membership for only $15/week.

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  • Personal Training

    Improving your fitness is a slow process. Some members struggle with mobility, stability, or physical rehabilitation. While others arrive well-conditioned and ready to go. With personal training, we can adapt to your individual needs no matter where you are on the spectrum. Our experienced coaches will create optimal workouts that will help drive your success in and outside the gym.

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  • CrossFit

    CrossFit classes are a 1-hour high intensity sessions designed to get you strong and fit. We combine weightlifting, gymnastics, and plyometrics to ensure you get the best results. Most classes involve a weightlifting or skill portion as well as a high intensity WOD All classes are scaleable and are perfect for beginners to pros. Don’t worry if you have never done CrossFit before, we are here to help you!

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  • LiteFIT

    LiteFIT is a bootcamp-style course that focuses on metabolic conditioning and its fat burning effects. It involves a lot of running, rowing, and biking, as well as plyometrics, rings, and kettlebells. No experience or skill level is required to join LiteFIT, just the desire to work hard and break a sweat.

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  • Nutrition Counselling

    Talk to anybody who is well familiar with fitness and its counterparts and they will tell you that exercise is only half the battle in achieving a fitter you. The other half happens outside the box, and in your kitchen. Proper nourishment is key to achieving one’s fitness goals, regardless of what they may be. Everyone is faced with their own unique barriers to achieving proper nutrition, be it disease, inaccessibility to healthy foods, or simply a lack of food preparation skills. It is essential that all these factors and more be addressed so that one can properly nourish their body in a way that supports the CrossFit lifestyle. We promote a diet that will last a lifetime, one that is tailored to the unique nutritional needs and goals of the individual, since everybody is different. For more more information or to book your nutrition consult, Click Here.

  • Individualized Design Programming

    Individual design programming is the most effective and efficient way to achieve your personal fitness goals. Your coach will work with you to help define your goals, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your starting point and coach you one-on-one through a custom designed program specifically aimed at achieving your goals as quickly as possible. This option is great if you are an experience CrossFit athlete looking for that extra edge or if you are looking for specific work on certain movements.

    There are 2 options to this program.

    Full ID Programming: Warm up, strength training, endurance and cardio, accessory work and more.  Price ranges from $150-180 depending on individual needs.

    Homework ID programming: This is a smaller scale program that is meant to be added to your existing class training at Cristini Athletics. This program includes warm up, skill work and accessory work that are related to 1 specific movement.  (IE bar muscle ups, a squat snatch etc) Price ranges from $100-120 depending on individual needs.


    • Pricing is based on individual needs
  • Markham Weightlifting

    The Weightlifting club is a 90-minute group session that focuses on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk movements. We believe great grains come from great form and Coach Yuki will be there to help you unlock your potential!

    The Markham Weightlifting Club runs for 8 weeks periodically throughout the year. Training days with coach Yuki are Mondays 6:00pm-7:30pm, Thursdays 6:00pm-7:30pm and Saturdays from 10:00am-11:30am. This program runs at our CrossFit Markham Location! To look for upcoming programs or to register

  • Mass Program

    The MASS Program is a strength and conditioning program designed by Coach Brandon Crump.
    Jump Higher
    Run faster
    Lift heavier
    ….. & Be STRONGER

    You will be introduced and coached on Yoke Carries, sled drags, Prowler sprints and intricate muscle balance exercises all while following a structured strength program that has been tried and fine tuned for the maximum amount of results.

    This program is run at our Woodbridge location only and starts periodically throughout the year.  To see when this program is available, CLICK HERE

  • Markham Powerlifting

    Powerlifting is our base. We spend a lot of time doing squats, bench presses and deadlifts. But we have the advantage of gymnastics and functional strength equipment not usually seen in run-of-the mill gyms. Drawing from elements of strongman and gymnastics, we can develop strength in innovative ways that keep training fun, fresh, and exciting!

    Markham Powerlifting is run by Coach Ben.
    To get started, all athletes complete 3 intro fundamental one on one sessions. From there, you can choose 1 of 2 streams.

    Option 1 – 
    Powerlifting Lite:
    Athletes recieve individualized programming to work on during the Sunday group training session. The group trains each sunday from 10:00-12:00pm.
    Cost $100/month

    Option 2 – Comp Powerlifting:
    2A.  Full Time Powerlifting Programming + Open Gym Membership to Cristini Athletics.
    Cost $280/month

    2B. Full Time Powerlifting Programming + Open Gym Membership + 1 Personal Training Session / month.
    Cost $295/month

    To book a free assessment with Coach Ben- email ben.alemayehu@gmail.com

  • CrossFit Markam Teens Program

    These classes introduce teens to the basics of training. They’ll learn the fundamentals of weightlifting, plyometrics, endurance, and of course, CrossFit. Students will develop flexibility, strength, power, agility, and coordination. Coordination is a skill most pre-pubescent and pubescent kids struggle with. This class can also be used as supplemental training for those currently involved in sports.

    Intro Process 
    All new members of the teens program start with 2 One on One lessons with a coach.
    After the completion of the 2 lessons, the student is welcome to join the teens program.
    If you would like to book an assessment or get started on the 2 lessons, please email oscar@cristiniathletics.com 

    The Teens program runs for 6 weeks and starts periodically throughout the year. Program dates and times vary throughout the year. To register your teen or to see available times and days

  • Mobility Class

    The mobility class is a 1 hour mobility and flexibility class. This is a perfect recovery class to help with sore muscles from the week of training and also is great to help develop and improve the needed flexibility for CrossFit Training.

    For Markham Class Schedule Click HERE

    For Woodbridge Class Schedule Click HERE

  • Team Sport Training

    Pre-season Team Training – Sport Specific Dryland training is a valuable tool for teams and individuals. Our strength and conditioning programs help athletes develop more strength and power, as well as speed, agility, and balance. These programs are designed to make you reach your highest potential and get real results.

    In-season Team Training – Sport Specific In-season dryland training is important for athletes to preserve strength and conditioning during the months leading up to and including playoffs. Our in-season programs are designed to reduce chance of injury and burn-out. We also emphasize effective recovery through stretching. It helps athletes with overall improvement and maintenance.



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