Mommy and Me program

The Mommy and Me program is an interactive program for new moms to re-enter a fitness program.

We recognize that having a newborn and trying to regain strength and control of your body is a challenge. By joining other women like yourself, who may have to run off to change a poopy diaper, you will be working in a comfortable, welcoming environment.  It is also a great way to socialize with other mom’s and for your baby to socialize with other babies.

  • A safe and specific program to return to fitness, postpartum.
  • Learn to restrengthen your core and pelvic floor.
  •  All fitness levels welcome.
  • Babies are welcome!
  •  Interact with other new mom’s.
  • Opportunity for baby to interact with other babies.

Dates and Registration

This program runs on Tuesday’s from 10:30-11:15am.
Only 8 spots are available in each program.

For upcoming dates of the program click the link


1. Do I have to bring my baby?
That is totally up to you. Babies are welcome, but if you want a day to yourself, not a problem.

2. I haven’t worked out in a long time/ever, can I still join?
Of  course! No previous experience is needed. We can modify and adjust the class exercise as needed to scale for all levels.

3. What if my baby is cranky or needs a change during the class?
Not a problem! That is exactly why you working out with other moms like yourself is so welcoming. Everyone gets it and will likely have to change a diaper mid workout at some point!

4. What if I want more training?
You are more then welcome to join our gym for our regularly scheduled classes with a membership or by paying for drop in classes or you can schedule 1 on 1 personal training sessions with Coach Maria.

5. What is an appropriate age for the baby?
Ideally, babies from 3-8 months. Once they have mastered crawling, or walking, they might be a on the move a bit to much for you to be able to stay engaged in the class.

Coach Maria Cristini

The program is run by Coach Maria Cristini.
As a mom of 3, Maria is a certified personal trainer, Certified Pre and Post Natal Coach, and Certified L-1 CrossFit Coach.