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We are excited to announce our first ever MASS competition. This competition is based on the movements found in Coach Brandon’s, MASS Program.
This event will have an OPEN Men’s and OPEN Women’s category. It will feature up to 10 events with strongman style events, weightlifting and Powerlifting events and more.
You do not need to have taken the MASS program to compete. All are welcome.
Saturday October 13th. 10:00am-3:00pm.
Location: 171 Marycroft Ave (Reebok CrossFit East Woodbridge)
Workout 1
Max Reps unbroken Bench Press 155/95
NFL Combine-style
Workout 2
100m Sled Sprint 275/185
50m’s out 50m’s back For time:
Workout 3/4
5:00 total –
50 ft increments Yoke Carry
Max distance in 2:30 min weight TBA
max distance
Farmer Carry 150 per hand / 90 per hand in 2:30
Workout 5/6
2:00 Amrap Sandbag over yoke
immediately into
Max carry for distance
More events to come.