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Konrad Kasztennny Testimonial

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Ben had been an integral part of my progress both in and out of the gym. In the military, all operations are goal oriented and demand an end state with definitive results. Ben perfectly understands this concept and has applied it to my training. He sat down and took the time to understand my goals, create a plan which will meet those goals and most importantly, he believes in them as much as I do. This is shown via consistent checkups, form breakdowns, weekly video meetings discussing training, and an endless supply of zoom classes (ex. running form, animal flow, squat program). With a coach as knowledgeable, hardworking and invested as Ben, all your focus can be put into your training making progress inevitable.
 I have been doing CrossFit for approximately 8 months now and it has been the most fulfilling experience through my athletic career. The broad spectrum of fitness that CrossFit pulls from allows you to identify and train weaknesses. The versatility of the sport ensures that there is nowhere to hide, guaranteeing discomfort and in turn, progress. As a future officer in the Canadian Armed Forces it is imperative that I am ready to lead despite any challenges that are thrown my way. CrossFit gives me the tools to do that both physically and mentally due to the rigorous training.
Here is a list of accomplishments that Bens Programming has helped me achieve.
– CMC score of 445/500 placing me the third fittest of RMC St.Jean  and top 1% of the entire ROTP program
-Placing in top 25% in the ICEMAN competition and maintaining my strength ( 6km ruck, 4km Snowshoe up a mountain, 10km cross country ski, 7km run, in 3H 35″)
– 9’05” 2.4km
– 305 Bench
– 525 Deadlift
-425 Squat
– 250 Clean
– 335 Front Squat
-20 rounds of CINDY with a 20lb weighted vest
– Improved running form
– 500 pushups in 28’43”