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Friday October 6th 2017

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REMINDER Cristini Athletics Fam!

Today is the last day to RSVP to our Cristini Athletics Christmas Party this year on November 11th at 7:30PM at The Magnolia Event Boutique Space in Vaughan.

Tickets are $85.00 ea.( includes a delicious 4 course meal, Open Bar and Dj)

PLEASE RSVP BY October 13th  and write your name on the sign up sheet on the white board!

Deadline to pay in full will be Wednesday , November 1st.

We cannot wait to celebrate with you all!!

-Cristini Athletics Family



10 rounds
10 pushups w feet on medball
10 med ball rollup
45 sec overhead carry w 45/35lbs plate


Emom 15 mins
10 Ring Pushups
GHD situp hold 45 sec
12 wallballs




Week 1
push/Pull 4x emom

12 min EMOM
3-5 strict chest to bar
6-8 DB Zpress

15 min
8-10 kipping chest to bar pullups
6-8 Strict HSPU
8 burpee box jump over

12 min emom
12/arm single arm banded lat pull down
12 double DB bent over row
15 banded tricep press down