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East Woodbridge Member of the Month Sabrina Vigna

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Name: Sabrina Nicole Vigna
Nicknames: Sab, Sabbie
Occupation: Stay at home Mom, was previously a Personal Trainer
How were you introduced to Cross Fit & How long have you been doing CrossFit?
I was introduced to CrossFit a few years ago by my good friend Vanessa Barbieri Priolo who I used to work out with at our previous gym.
I’ve been doing CrossFit since February 2018, I’m almost a year in!
What made you decide to join CrossFit East Woodbridge?
I’ve been consistently working out in a regular gym for almost 25 years but last year I began to get bored with my routine even though I changed it up every few months. I wasn’t seeing any major improvements in strength and I kept seeing Vanessa’s progress and incredible training on social media so I gave her a call and she convinced me to try it out. I remember her exact words were “you’ll love it Sabri!” and I did! I was also looking for something for my husband to try and I thought the class structure was what he needed. Right again!
Favourite Lifts/ WODs?
I’d have to say my favourite lift or WOD would be anything that requires running and STRICT pressing or pulling (surprise surprise!) oh and yes burpees!
3 Things you Would Find in my Fridge:
Green Apples, Almond Butter and Pizza Dough
Favourite Place to Eat:
Anywhere I can carb load especially pasta and pizza
Proudest accomplishments:
Besides my 3 boys (yes even the big guy:) i’d have to say changing career paths to do what makes me happiest.
Something People Wouldn’t Know About Me:
Something that people wouldn’t know about me is I’m really hard on myself when trying to reach a goal for fear of disappointing the people I care about. That and I don’t have patience for dishonesty or laziness. Enough said.
Biggest Struggle in Life:
My biggest struggle in life is kipping…lol! Seriously it is at the moment my biggest struggle at CrossFit but overall,  I’d say the struggle to embrace the small victories I’ve made instead of being my worst critic all the time.
Do you have a mentor, or someone you look up to? If so who?
My biggest mentor I’d say is my Dad. (The floodgates have opened…) I can’t say without getting emotional that my dads the most kind hearted, most honest, loyal and hard working person I know. He’s not one to say much but he says what needs to be said and just when I need to hear it. All the good that comes from me comes from him
Who Inspires You?
My husband, my family, my kids, my friends, my coaches, all the people who strive to be the best version of themselves inspire me everyday.
What Music I like listening to while working out:
I listen to a variety of things when I work out, usually 80’s pop and rock or “angry” music when I’m lifting like Eminem.
Anything Else You Would Like to Say?
I’d like to thank all the coaches and members at CrossFit East Woodbridge for welcoming me and encouraging me to work and train hard to build a solid foundation so I can become better at this amazing sport! I truly admire all your dedication and knowledge and willingness to help everyone excel. Your stuck with me now forever. To all my fitfam members who show up everyday and give it all they have, don’t let fear or time get in your head. It really doesn’t matter how long it takes or how many times you fail, your only competition is yourself. And when you do become the best version of yourself, all that struggle will be worth it.