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Why have we started this program?

Here at Cristini Athletics we value the wellbeing of our members this is why we have created a program for our teens! We started this program because we have found that there are many benefits of physically active teens, from improved physical health to better mental and emotional wellbeing. Regular exercise helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, while improving mood and self-esteem. Additionally this can help teens with school. Regular physical activity can help children and adolescents improve their ability to concentrate and pay attention in school while reducing their stress and anxiety. Overall this program not only aims to improve their physical health but Mental Health!

Mental and Emotional Benefits

Just like physical health, mental health is important for overall well-being and quality of life. Good mental health allows individuals to cope with the daily challenges of life, maintain healthy relationships, and live a fulfilling life. At our gym, we recognize the importance of mental and emotional health, particularly for teens who may be struggling with stress, anxiety, or other issues. Our teen training program is designed to be a safe and supportive environment where teens can work on their physical fitness and also focus on their mental and emotional wellbeing. Our program also helps Teens gain confidence and self-esteem, by pushing themselves to new limits they didn’t know were possible they have a sense of achievement which carries over on their day to day lives. They are also able to develop mental toughness, As individuals work through challenging workouts, they develop mental toughness and resilience. Physical fitness is also a great and healthy outlet for struggling adolescents. 

Social Benefits

Our Teens class also offers a great social aspect to training. By being in a community where their fellow classmates and coach support and encourage them helps them become more socially active. Our gym provides a welcoming and inclusive community where teens can connect with others who share their interests and values. Through our teen classes and events, teens have the opportunity to make new friends, build relationships, and learn from each other.

Our Supportive Approach

At our gym, we take a supportive approach to teen training, recognizing that every teen is different and has unique needs and goals. Our coaches are trained to work with teens of all skill levels and abilities, and we offer individualized attention and feedback to help teens reach their full potential. We also prioritize safety, ensuring that our equipment is age-appropriate and that our classes are structured to prevent injury and promote healthy habits. Whether your kid is at a high fitness level or has just started working out this is the place for them! Every workout is scalable, this helps kids of all levels be able to participate in the same workouts while being able to challenge themselves at their own pace!

Expect your teens to feel confident in their new set of physical abilities. They are now stronger then ever, hitting new milestones and this is only the beginning. By this point they understood the importance of structure, consistency and hard work. These 3 pillars are essential for success for the rest of their lives. The have now developed habits to continue to thrive physically and mentally.

For more information contact – Markham – Woodbridge