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CrossFit Markham October Member of the Month Ralph Allan Francis

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Name ( nicknames):

Name: Ralph Allan Francis

Nicknames: Frankie 4 Names, Ralphonzo, Ralphie, Francois, Francis


Financial Analyst at Presto (Metrolinx)

How were you introduced to Cross Fit & How long have you been doing CrossFit?

My friend told me that I had to get into shape and socialize and introduced me to Chris and Steve’s gym seven years ago!

What made you decide to join CFM?

The community is so much fun to work out with and has an amazing sense of humour

Favourite Lifts/ Wods?

Cindy, Grace, Deadlifts

3 Things you would definitely find in my fridge…

Yogurt, Cheese, Grapes

Favourite Place to Eat:

Chopsticks Szechuan Hakka Chinese Restaurant on Ellesmere Rd: Their shrimp is BONKERS

Proudest Accomplishments:

Getting to perform a tribute concert for and in front of my musical idol, AR Rahman and winning second place in the Scaled Men’s division of Members Comp this year.  I never thought I’d see the day!

Something people wouldn’t know about me:

I design cars for fun

Biggest struggle in life?

Confronting my fears – now they just confront me.

Do you have a mentor, or someone you look up to? If so who?

This may sound random, but I have turned to my fellow Crossfit Markham members for advice at my most critical moments in life.  They guided me and made me believe in myself at the darkest times.

Who inspires you?

My sister; though she’s younger than me, she’s lived a whole lot more and has developed into a kind, strong and honest human being.

What music I like listening to while working out:

Reggae: Sean Paul in particular

Anything else you would like to say (Open Comments)

CFM has made me stronger in every way possible by teaching me one simple rule: focus and watch how far you’ll go.