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CrossFit Markham November Member of The Month Keith Oliver

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Name ( nicknames):  Keith Oliver


I am the Logistics and Operations Dept at Vanco Electrical Supplies Ltd. and a part-time Yoga Instructor at a number of studios in York Region.

How were you introduced to CrossFit & How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I found CrossFit accidentally, a little more than a year ago. I was looking for adult gymnastics/calisthenics classes and learned that CrossFit incorporates some gymnastics inspired movements into their workouts.

What made you decide to join CFM?

Initially I took advantage of trial classes at a few different local boxes, but what kept me coming back to CFM were the workouts, the programming and the great coaches.

Favourite Lifts/ Wods?

My favourite lift is the Squat Snatch because I don’t work at it enough. I love any WOD that involves being upside down, I really enjoy working on anything where my feet are over my head.

3 Things you Would Definitely Find in my Fridge:

You will definitely find watermelon, romaine lettuce and eggs in my fridge

Favourite Place to Eat?

My fave place to eat is Bistro 67.

Proudest Accomplishments:

The accomplishment I’m most proud of was completing Yoga Teacher Training has transformed me in more ways and opened me up to more things than I thought possible.

Something People Wouldn’t Know About Me:

I am a Past President of the Toronto Bonsai Society.

Biggest Struggle in Life?

My weight. For me its been a hard cycle to deal with; it strains your body and your mind…thoughts influencing actions, actions influencing thoughts…it can be a daily struggle and difficult to break free from.

Who Inspires You?

People who have struggled more than I have and persevered inspire me. I can’t imagine how hard some people have it, yet their hope and strength keep driving them forward. They are inspiring.

What Music I Like Listening to While Working Out:

Soca is most often what I have running through my earbuds. It has a way of keeping me focused and energized.

Anything Else You Would Like to Say (Open Comments):

I love this community, the Coaches are encouraging, motivating, and educated. The members are warm, welcoming and encouraging as well. I’m grateful, and very much appreciate being a part of CrossFit Markham. I’d like to extend special thanks to Coaches Brandon, Oscar and Ben for their programs, pep talks and those extra pushes we all need.