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CrossFit Markham Member of the Month Elizabeth Tosun

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Eliz Tosun

Occupation: House Wife.

How Were You Introduced to CrossFit  & How Long Have You been doing CrossFit?

My kids Alex and Arden introduced me to CrossFit 3 years ago, they kept encouraging me to try a class. Since then, I never looked back, I would say it was one the best decisions I ever made. The gym is now my second family.

Favorite Lifts / or WOD’s:

Squat cleans for sure. I enjoy any wod with pull-ups or box jumps.

3 Things You’ll Definitely Find in My Fridge:

Always in the fridge. Fruits, vegetables and my homemade hazelnut spread. Tastes just like Nutella.

Favourite Place to Eat:

Any seafood restaurant.

Something People Wouldn’t Know About Me:

I love dancing when I cook.

Biggest Struggle in Life?

Probably saying no to my friends and family.

Who Inspires You?

My kids, and their work ethic. And anyone who works hard to achieve their goal.

What Goals are You Working Towards:

Improving my gymnastics.

What Music You Like Listening to While Working Out:

Anything upbeat.

Anything Else you would Like to Say:

Since I joined our CrossFit family, my life completely changed for the good. I’m living a healthier, and happier life. I’m now medication free. The people, and coaches I have met through this process have been a blessing, I could not be more grateful.