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CrossFit Markham May Member of the Month Christina Rajkumar

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Name: Christina Rajkumar

Nickname: Ben thought on the first day, and still thinks that my name is Tiny

Occupation: Grade 12 student

How were you Introduced to CrossFit & How long have you been doing CrossFit?:

Someone at school told me that it was the hardest thing she had ever done, and that only crazy people do it, so I wanted to see if that was true. I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 7 months now

What made you decide to join CFM ?

I Googled CrossFit gyms near me, and found CFM since it was the closest to me. But after the first two times I went I knew that this was a community that I just had to be a part of.

Favourite Lifts/ WOD’s?

Favourite lift would definitely be Cleans and Hang Cleans in specific, and I love WOD’s that have Hand Stand Push Ups and Rowing.

3 Things You Would Definitely Find in my Fridge:

Eggs, Balsamic Vinegar Salad Dressing and Cucumbers

Favourite Place to Eat:

Any good Thai place

Proudest Accomplishments:

Receiving Valedictorian, returning to sport after 3 knee surgeries and surviving a 6am class with the crazy 6amers.

Something People Wouldn’t Know About Me:

I am amazing at laser quest

Biggest Struggle in Life?:

Dealing with the reality that you can’t please everyone.

Do You Have a Mentor, or Someone You Look up to? If so Who?:

I look up to all the dope adults I have in my life, and especially all the CFM members who are constantly encouraging me, generously giving me rides (Deb, Sommer, Alex and Katy ;)) and filling me up with good life advice.

Who inspires you?:

People who demonstrate true grit and resilience, coming back better and harder every time life knocks them down. I think that’s one of the most inspiring traits someone can have.

What Goals are you Working Towards?:

Stringing together more than 1 Strict Pullup, doing a handstand without the wall, getting into law school and passing my final RCM Piano Exam

What Music I Like Listening to While Working Out:

I honestly don’t even realize there is music playing while I’m working out because I’m usually dying during the workout.

Anything else you would like to say (Open Comments):

A HUGE shoutout and thank you to Coach Ben (future epic philosophy book author), Coach Oscar (current parent of the cutest kids ever), Coach Alex (future best police officer in history), Coach Anna (best mom of the gym ever) and Coach Steve (sickest boss and beard expert) because they are just the greatest humans who are doing amazing things and are greatly impacting the lives of myself and so many others 🙂