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CrossFit Markham July Member of the Month Avinash Abichandani

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Name ( nicknames): Avi

Occupation: Product Management

How Were You Introduced to CrossFit & How Long Have You Been doing CrossFit?

I have always been active through my life but around 5 years ago I got tired of the traditional gym scene and was looking for different ways to challenge myself. I tried boot-camp for a bit and enjoyed it until the boot-camp I was working out at shut down. Around the same time, I also moved homes and was looking for options close to home. CFM fit perfectly as it was a new challenge and super close to home as well. I have been working out at CFM for almost 2 years now.

What Made you Decide to Join CFM?

 New challenge and proximity to home.

Favourite Lifts/ Wods?

 Any WOD that is conditioning based is my favourite. I love to sweat out at the gym and find conditioning based exercises make me sweat the most. Running is my all time favourite. But…I am also trying to work on my weight lifting as that is typically an area that I have struggled with. Any upper body lifts like jerks and presses also make my list of favourites.

3 Things you Would Definitely Find in my Fridge: 

Bread (I love bread), cheese and peanut butter.

Favourite Place to Eat:

I love home cooked meals. But if I were to pick a local place, Folcos in old markham serves good Italian options.

Proudest Accomplishments: 

I (and my wife) are parents to a beautiful 4 year old boy. I am sure that our proudest accomplishment is yet to come when he grows up to become a caring and wonderful human being.

Something People Wouldn’t Know About Me: 

I have always wanted to be a writer and that is something I am working on slowly but surely.

Biggest Struggle in Life?

 I have always struggled to relax, be in the present and enjoy the moment. My mind is always working and thinking of what next. I really admire folks who have the ability to just be in the moment and appreciate the small (yet most important) things in life. Something I am trying to get better at for sure.

Do you Have a Mentor, or Someone you Look Up To? If so Who? 

Every friend and family member who is in my circle. I have a tendency to study people and learn from their best qualities. So in some way, every one of these folks has contributed (and will continue to contribute) significantly to my life.

Who Inspires You? 

Let me change that to “what inspires me”. Its my desire to be a better human being with each passing day of my life. Across all aspects of my life: Personal and Professional.

What Goals are You Working Towards?  

For this year, on the personal front – I am trying to wake up earlier in the day, read more, spend more quality time in my relationships and improve my health set. Professionally I am trying to truly make a difference in the organization that I work for.

What Music I Like Listening to While Working Out: 

This one is tricky. I like music but only as a means to relax. I find any music at a work out turns into white noise very quickly as I usually tend to dial in while I am working out. So the quick answer is, I am indifferent to music while I work out.

Anything Else You Would Like to Say (Open Comments): 

A huge thanks to Anna, Steve, Ben, Alex, Oscar and the rest of the coaches at CFM. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at CFM and am looking forward to getting better with time. I would recommend CFM (in a heart beat!) to anyone who is looking for a high quality workout in a great environment filled with friends and fellow cross fitters!