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CrossFit Markham February Member of the Month Rohan Prasaud

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Name ( nicknames): Rohan Prasaud. Ro

Occupation: League Development Coordinator, Ontario Basketball

How were you introduced to Cross Fit & How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I signed up for the on-ramp program at CrossFit Canuck in Scarborough in October 2017 where I learned the basics and have been doing it since then. I was interested in CrossFit after experiencing exercise pleateu in a traditional gym setting prior to that.

What made you decide to join CrossFit Markham?

I needed a change of scenery and joined CrossFit Markham in September 2018.

Favourite Lifts/ WOD’s?

Favourite lift would have to be the clean. Favourite WODs include wall balls, box jumps, burpees and accessory work.

3 Things You Would Definitely Find in my Fridge: 

Peanut butter, Eggs and Blueberries.

Favourite Place to Eat:

Frederick’s Restaurant (Hakka food).

Proudest Accomplishments:

Pursuing a career I am passionate about.

Something People Wouldn’t Know About Me:

I was born in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Biggest Struggle in Life?


Do You Have a Mentor, or Someone You Look Up To? If So Who?

I look up to my parents (born in Guyana) who worked hard and were able to provide for my sister and I.

Who Inspires You?

My fellow 6amers who are up before dawn ready to workout.

What Goals are You Working Towards?

Muscle ups and hand stand walk.

What Music I Like Listening To While Working Out:

99 percent of the time is r’n’b (slow jams).

Anything Else You Would Like To Say (Open Comments):

I would like to personally thank Coach Anna, Ben, Oscar, Alex and Steve for always being knowledegable and supportive. I really enjoy working out at CrossFit Markham, it gives me peace.