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CrossFit East Woodbridge January Member of the Month Vanessa Diamond

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Name ( nicknames): Vane, Mami, Ms. Diamond 😀

Occupation: I make playdough, sing and play for a living 🙂

How were you introduced to Cross Fit & How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I was introduced by a friend. She no longer attends but I got addicted. I joined in November 2017 but have been fully attending for 6 months (World Traveler)

What Made You Decide to Join CrossFit East Woodbridge?

I started training in 2015. Before that I wanted nothing to do with any activity that made me sweat (believe it or not). The gym was getting boring without my personal trainer and since it was so close to home I said why not 🙂

Favourite Lifts/ WOD’s?

Deadlifts and I’m making power snatches my next favourite just because I hate them so much 🙂

3 Things You Would Definitely Find in my Fridge:

Plain Greek Yogurt, Eggs, Lots of Veggies

Favourite Place to Eat:

Any Italian Buffet lots of sauces, rice and pasta with lots of dessertsssss

Proudest Accomplishments:

There isn’t one proud accomplishment but rather a concoction of many. I have to say I am my proudest accomplishment, the person I have fought hard to become. If I didn’t improve myself in all aspects, I would have not been able to achieve any of my life accomplishments.

Something People Wouldn’t Know About Me:

I start my day with Personal Development Youtube videos and listen to Audiobooks while driving at times. Not every ride is musical, although my instagram stories makes people think otherwise 🙂

Biggest Struggle in Life?

Oh my I’ve had so many. I have to say attending college full time, caring for my terminally ill Father at home and hospital, working part time and caring for a family of five takes the top struggle in my life. Living in Canada with no family but my late Father, I had to put on hats I didn’t even knew existed but made it work somehow.

Do You Have a Mentor, or Someone You Look Up To?If so who?

God is my mentor. Without my faith I would be in pieces by now. He is all love and without love there would be no humanity.

Who Inspires You?

Every day I meet people that inspire me. People that are go getters, disciplined, caring, honest, resilient those are the people that inspire me and I make sure to invest time with them.

What Music I Like Listening to While Working Out:

Cubaton (reggaeton+Cuban) takes the top. Full of powerful beats that keep me pumped. Other than that anything latin salsa, reggaeton are amongst the top.

Anything Else You Would Like To Say (Open Comments):

I would like to thank all my CrossFit fam. They are the best group of people to be surrounded by and make memories with. I am very proud to be part of the Cristini Athletics Team. From the coaches to Frankie, keep on rocking and changing lives 🙂