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CrossFit East Woodbridge February Member of the Month Carm Varasso

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Name ( nicknames) Carm, Mina, Carmie

Occupation:  Accounts Payable Administrator

How were you introduced to Cross Fit & How long have you been doing CrossFit? 

 I was introduced to CrossFit from a good friend of mine Victoria  who happens to be a member as well.  I have been training with the CrossFit crew four years.

What made you decide to join CrossFit East Woodbridge?

Victoria was the one who help me decide to join CFM/RCFEW.  She insisted that I attend a class with her cause I would will like it, instead of doing with her, I payed a visit on a Saturday and joined the Monday.  I had no clue what I signed myself up for. Four year later I am still going. 🙂

Favourite Lifts/ Wods?

Squats/Partner WODS

3 Things you would Definitely find in my Fridge:

Chicken, Eggs and Veggies

Favourite Place to Eat:

Chinese takeout (chicken balls)

Proudest Accomplishments:

Getting my Kipping Handstand Push up. Thanks coach Alex for your tips, and completing two comp in 2018.

Something People Wouldn’t Know About Me:

I love to travel and dance.

Biggest Struggle in Life?

The Loss of My Mom

Do you have a mentor, or someone you look up to? If so who?

My older sister Antonietta who is an awesome, strong woman, and is there for me.

Who Inspires You?

How there are so many strong women at CFM/CFEW.

What Goals are You Working Towards? 

Upper Body Strength

What music I like listening to while working out:

Any upbeat music.

Anything else you would like to say (Open Comments)

It has been a great journey with  CrossFit  and at CFM/RCFEW community. From the coaches to the members who have been so supportive, encouraging and helpful. They have helped me become a stronger person, which I didn’t think I was capable of becoming. I have meet some pretty awesome people.

Shout out to my 6:00 AM crew. ! You guys rock….you make the challenges more bearable to get through. Thanks for your support and getting my ass to work on time. xoxo