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CrossFit East Woodbridge April Member of the Month Anita Verma

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Name ( nicknames):   Anita

Occupation:   Criminal Duty Counsel Lawyer

How were you introduced to Cross Fit & How long have you been doing CrossFit? 

I started CrossFit in February of 2017 when I was struggling with my fitness and needed a new challenge. I wasn’t sure what to think of CrossFit. I had heard good and bad things but decided that the best way to see what it was about  and if it was for me was to go try it out and make my own mind up about it.

What Made you Decide to Join CFEW ?

When I came to my first trial class, I was instantly made to feel welcome and loved the feel the of the class.  It spoke to the things that motivate me.  I knew this was a type of programming that would keep me motivated, that I would constantly have goals to work towards and that I’d be working out with like minded people.

Favourite Lifts/ WODs?

Push Jerks and after a lot of practice with my amazing trainer Brandon I’m even starting to like snatches a tiny bit.   LiteFit WOD’S are definitely my jam.

3 Things you Would Definitely Find in my Fridge…

Hmm I probably would have answered differently before our gym’s recent Shred Challenge …but now I’d say I keep it more healthy with my lunches all planned out each week, lots of fresh fruit and veggies, nut butters and turkey meatballs have become a new fav.

Favourite Place to Eat: 

My comfort food is definitely eating fresh baked goods with a good cup of coffee and I love me some wood oven pizza.

Proudest Accomplishments: 

I’m proud of the mom I’ve become. I screw up a lot but deep down I know I’m doing a great job raising my girls.  I’ve taught them its okay to make mistakes, but its important to apologize, that being kind is one of the most important things in life and that you need to work hard to reach your goals. I’ve become a better version of myself as I know they are watching and learning from me.

My proudest moment at the gym was after a year of working on my HSPU’s, I managed to get 17 in 19.3 which was a huge accomplishment for me.

Something People Wouldn’t Know About Me: 

People often wonder what my background is.  My Dad was born in India and my mom was born in England. They met in Wales while my mom was working as a Nurse and my dad was in University and was working as a coal miner to pay for it.  They eventually moved to Canada and I was born here.

Biggest Struggle in Life?

Definitely Insecurity

Do you have a Mentor, or someone you look up to? If so who?  

I think it took me to having my own kids to realize how great my parents are.  My Dad taught me about hard work, the importance of being friendly to everyone and not to dwell on things that our out of control. My mom has taught me about being my own person and to embrace what makes me different and she made sure to allow me to have so many opportunities even though that required a lot of sacrifice on her part.

Who inspires you?

Strong women inspire me. I’ve met many playing Ultimate Frisbee and now have met so many more at the gym. I can’t put into words how much the friendships I’ve made at the gym mean to me.  Speaking of strong women, my daughters inspire me. Lately, I’ve been particularly impressed with Abigail.  As many of you have seen her at the gym she’s started competitive gymnastics this year and has been working so hard.  She has such a great attitude about it, she works hard, celebrates when her teammates learn new skills and doesn’t get frustrated when she struggles. There is one move on the bars that she has been working on for a full full year without complaints. At her first competition she couldn’t do it during warm up but when it came to her time, she hit it and this momma got butterflies. Then she had beam next and she fell right at the beginning, but just got right back up and hit the rest of her routine and finished with a smile on her face.   I learned so much from my 7 year old in those moments.

What Goals are You Working Towards?

I’d like to improve my gymnastics and eventually be able to do a muscle up.

What Music I Like Listening to While Working Out:  

Top 40, and electronic music that brings me back to my raving days. :o)

Anything Else You Would Like To Say (Open Comments):

Just wanted to give a shout out to our awesome coaches.  We have the best coaches who really care about their members.  Since I’ve joined the gym, I’ve seen some of the coaches deal with serious injuries, I’ve seen the team deal with the disappointment of not qualifying for the Games and then dealing with the disappointment of a disqualification, these are all things that could have broken many but instead they have taken on these challenges and showed us they practice what they preach.  They have shared the ups and downs with us and took the challenges head on and saw it as a chance for personal growth and they all continue to improve as athletes.  That example has really helped me stay committed to my fitness , not make excuses and to use the gym as a healthy place to work out my emotions when life feels overwhelming. So just wanted to say thanks for being great role models for us! Also special thanks to Rob and Alex who light up Gemma’s world when they let her help out in class.