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Cristini Athletics Winter Classic Event 3/4

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Event 3 and 4 of the Cristini Athletics Winter Classic is a 2 part workout that will happen simultaneously.

Event 3
8min Amrap
20 Dumbbell Synchronized hang clean and jerk  (Rx’d 50/35lbs, Scaled 35/20lbs)
15 synchro burpee over dumbbell.
Event 4
8min Amrap
Max calorie Assault Bike

The Dumbbell Synchronized hang clean and jerk must switch hands every 5 reps.
The athletes must meet at the same time overhead. Meeting on the shoulder together is not required. If one athlete lowers the weight before the other athlete has reached the top, the rep will not count.
If the knees and hips of any athlete are not locked at the top of the jerk, the rep will not count.

All divisions will complete burpee over dumbbells with a 2 foot jump directly over the dumbbell. If the feet go around the dumbbell or do not jump together, the rep will not count. The synchronicity of the burpee requires athletes to meet their chest on the floor at the same time. If one athletes comes off the floor before their partner has reached the floor, the rep will not count. Stepping up and down in the burpee is allowed. Stepping over the dumbell is not allowed.