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Cristini Athletics Winter Classic Event 2

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Event 2 of the Cristini Athletics Winter Classic is a max lift complex.
This event will take place 5 minutes after event 1.

Athletes will have 10 minutes to hit as heavy as possible. The lift is 9 Deadlifts, 6 Hang Cleans, 3 Front Squats.

The entire complex must be an unbroken set to count.
• The deadlifts must not rest on the ground for more then a split second bounce.
• The hang cleans can be hang power, high hang power, hang squat or high hang squat. The hang cannot be below the knee.
If a high hang is used, the arms must be straight at the bottom of the hang. At the top of every clean, the knees and hips must be clearly locked out.
• The front squat must reach below 90 and hips and knees open at the top of each rep.
At the end of the entire complex, the athlete must wait for a “good rep” signal from the judge before dropping.