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Cristini Athletics Winter Classic Event 1

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Event 1 is a 10 minute amrap of Rowing, Sandbag hold and resting.

It will start with all 3 athletes standing behind the rower.

On go, one athlete will advance to the rower, another athlete will advance to the sandbag/kettlebell and the third athlete will rest.

Once the athlete picks up the sandbag/kettlebell, the rower can begin rowing.
Once the rower has reached 30 calories, the athletes will rotate.
The rowing athlete will advance to the sandbag/kettlebell hold, the athlete that was on the hold will go to break and the resting athlete will move forward to the rower.

The sandbag must be held in a bearhug hold only. The kettlebell will be held in a goblet hold.If the sandbag/kettlebell is put down, the rowing athlete must stop and wait until it is picked back up.
Divisions: Men’s Rx’d 150lbs sandbag, Women’s Rx’d 100lbs sandbag, Men’s Scaled 100lbs Sandbag,  Women’s Scaled 24kg Kettelbell.

The row must be in 30 calorie increments. Damper can be set to any standard. Do not touch the screen!!

The score of this workout is the total calories Rowed.