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Cristini Athletics Is Who We are

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Cristini Athletics is who we are.

CrossFit Markham and CrossFit East Woodbridge is our registered Affiliate name. To use the trademark “CrossFit” we use an Affiliate agreement with CrossFit HQ to license the use of the name.

The Cristini Athletics mission has always been to change lives and strengthen communities.

We take a multi-level approach to benefitting individual members of our direct community and the community around us. We believe that that we do is about more than fitness. It is about the people, the relationship, the social benefits and that fitness is a by-product of what we do.

CrossFit training is one of the tools and methodologies we use to execute that mission, among other training modalities.
Cristini Athletics is who we are, CrossFit is part of we do.

Why Make the Distinction?
First off, we love CrossFit. Us as owners, and the coaches around us, all fell in love with CrossFit training. Many of us even dedicate all of our free time to competing in CrossFit.
The point of the distinction is because CrossFit, the fitness industry and we have all changed. In 2009 we needed the name of CrossFit to give us identity and let people know why we were different. In 2020, CrossFit has been an overly used term even to the point that it is being used for what is not true CrossFit. Also that amount of gyms have grown an incredible amount since 2009. In an effort to keep our own brand name standing out and standing alone, we choose to move towards our new name.

We want to be able to control our own brand and not be associated with things that do not represent us. We are a gym of professional coaches, that work with clients for life. Not people who want a one time good workout or don’t want to be part of our community. We choose to show our brand and only the things we want to be part of that brand.

As we look forward, towards our next 10 years of business, we want to continue to grow, evolve and move forward on our own terms and we will do so under the name, Cristini Athletics.