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2022 Cristini Athletics Intramural Open

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What is the CrossFit Open
The Open is a 3 week online qualifier. Each week 1 workout is released on Thursday night at 5pm. Participants will have until Monday at 8pm to complete the workout and register their scores. This qualifier is the starting point on athletes road to Regionals and ultimately the CrossFit Games.
To Register for the Open go to Register under CrossFit Markham or Reebok CrossFit East Woodbridge.
We will be performing the workouts as a group on Saturdays instead of all regular classes.

How the Intramural Open works: 
6 team captains have been named to represent different teams. These captains will be recruiting teammates to participate on their respective teams as part of the Intramural Open.
Each week, anyone performing and submitting a score for the weekly workout will earn their team 1 point.
Each week the overall top 5 men and women Rx’d will earn an additional 3 points for their team.

At the end of the open, once the scores are tallied up, the winning team will be presented with a prizes and a banner commemorating their win!

Team and Captains
Chalk Dirty to me – Captain Ivano T
Hustle and Muscle – Kayla B
Buns and Guns – Nadia R
Flex Appeal – Hugo N
All the Whey – Kevin C
WOD Squad – Shannon S