Cristini Mission: Here at Cristini Athletics we pride ourselves on having energetic and passionate coaches to facilitate group classes and run personal and individualized training sessions. We want our coaches to embody and guide our members in the culture of Engrenage: work hard but intelligently, respect the difficulties related to progress and most importantly, don't take yourself too seriously. At Cristini Athletics we pride ourselves on being the best of the best, so we look for new coaches who show the qualities of wanting to be the best.


Professional Full-time Coach

  • 20+ hours
  • Teach Group Classes/Personal Training
  • Opportunity to generate professional wages based on recurring revenue from client base.

Part-time Group Class Coach

  • 20 hours or less
  • Teach classes
  • Flexible hours
  • Paid an hourly wage

Internship - all coaches must complete and internship period.

The Cristini Athletics internship program includes 4 stages.

  • Level 1 - shadowing 1-2 classes per week
  • Level 2 - shadowing 2-4 hours per week
  • Level 3 - CrossFit Level-1 Certification - Co-coach CrossFit classes
  • Level 4 - CrossFit Level-1 Certification - Primary coach of CrossFit classes - eligible for personal training and physiotherapy training sessions



We look for the following minimum requirements:
  1. Fitness degree or personal training certification with anywhere from 1-3+ years of experience.
  2. Good communication skills and fun to be around - we love personality.
  3. Be a team player.
  4. Able to work with and LEARN from other fitness professionals.
  5. A passion for your own fitness and health as well as a passion for helping others with their fitness and health.
Cristini Expectations:

Cristini Athletics looks for energetic and passionate coaches to lead classes and run personal and individualized training sessions. In order to uphold quality for our members, we require our coaches to be CrossFit Level 1 Certified to workat the gym. Our coaches work flexible hours and have to be willing to keep in contact with clients on their off days to ensure compliance, motivation, guidance and encouragement. Our coaches are comprised of Punctual, Professional, Outgoing, Open-Minded, Coachable, Ambitious individuals and we want you to be a part of the family.



           Competitive Salary                Flexible Schedule           Free Gym Membership         Two Convenient Locations