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2022 WELL30 (Formerly Mental Shred)

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WELL30, formerly Mental Shred, is a 30 day wellness program. 

It is intended to promote mental health, community and self. After 2 years of a mentally defeating time in our lives, it is easy to let things slip and lose momentum. So we are taking action in choosing to continue to better ourselves in a time like this.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.”

This is an opportunity to focus on developing yourself between the ears and having some accountability and a community along for the ride. You will finish with a refreshed mindset, mentally stronger and fitter and have a more mindful outlook heading into the spring!
Oh, and the challenge is free! 

Click here to register under Markham
Click here to register under Woodbridge

Rules of the Challenge

  1. Workout 45 minutes 5x / week. This can be accumulated throughout the day. It can involve any type of physical activity.
  2. Follow a diet or meal plan. This can be any plan, the goal here is to have some focus on your nutrition but nutrition is not the main focus of this overall challenge.
    Feel free to use your Shred 2022 meal plans. 
  3. 10 minutes of gratitude exercise, journaling or meditating per day.
    This can mean many things. Some examples are guided breathing exercises, following along apps such as Headspace, prayer, or writing down things you are grateful for each day. 
  4. Read 10 pages per day. Audiobooks do not count.
    We would suggest books that can help make you more mental strong.
    Some examples are Atomic Habits, How Bad do you Want it – Matt Fitzgerald, Chasing Excellence – Ben Bergeron.
  5. Drink 2 L of water per day.

Be on the lookout for extra challenges. 

We will also be organizing weekly Webinars with Mental Health Professionals.
– Sunday April 17th – Habit Forming with Psychotherapist  / Nutritionist Jordana Cristini
– Sunday April 24th – Act of Gratitude with Brandon Crump

and more speakers to be confirmed


Each day, WHEN successful, post the image below in your story on IG. If you had a successful day, add a green check mark ✅

If you had an unsuccessful day, add a red X ❌
Having a social aspect of this will help you be more successful. And sharing in the challenge with those around you will hold you accountable to the 30 day challenge!